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Caravan World Review

May 7, 2013

Back in form

This classy Cruiser with traditional values comes from Regent Caravans, which is back in business and better than ever.

The acid test came at the 2013 Adelaide Caravan Show when a former Regent owner poked around the new 6.3m (20ft 8in) Cruiser on display and then nailed the salesman to the wall.

“Where are the piano hinges in the cupboards?” he demanded.

Within hours of that first ‘new’ Regent caravan, chassis 13001, arriving back at the company’s refurbished factory in Campbellfield, Vic, all the hinges had been replaced with the stronger piano hinges. And manager Graeme Groves instructed that they should be fitted to every successive Regent built.

Regent Caravans’ origins go back to the mid-1980s and Groves estimates there were about 10,000 current and former owners around Australia before the company went belly-up early last year.

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